The story maker’s workshop.


Connect with your story. Discover your purpose.
Worship the King. 


Draw closer to the heart of God Through our retreats, workshops, and events.

Your story matters. 

Your life is a Masterpiece that God is creating, and every element of your story fits into the wonderful picture He envisioned before the foundations of the earth were laid in place. 

We all come to a point in our lives when things stop making sense. We question the Narrative. We wonder if there’s anything more. For those of us who’ve spent time in the Church, we wonder what it means that Jesus promised us life to the full. We’ve served. We read our Bibles. We’ve tried to be faithful. But we can’t help but ask the question: Is this all there is?

I’ve followed Jesus since I was old enough to understand the difference between eternity in Heaven, and eternity apart from God. When I reached my mid thirties, I realized I had more questions than I had been given answers for. I asked God for more, for Him to show me what I was missing, and to show me what this thing called The Gospel really is. Since then, I have been on a ten-year journey that has opened my eyes to all of the wonder that is the grand Story of God’s great love. And I have discovered why it is, truly, the Greatest Story Ever Told. 

If you want to know more about your purpose, if you want to understand the fullness of your identity, if you want to understand exactly what is happening in the world – from lockdowns, to mandates, to conspiracies, and even just what it takes to get through another week at work – The Story Maker’s Workshop is for you. The Gospel is the Good News. If you could use some good news, you’ll want to join us for our next retreat. 


The Story Maker’s Workshop


Michael O’Donnell

(He’s the one on the left)

Teacher, Author, Researcher, Artist.

Michael created The Story Maker’s Workshop

to help you connect with your story and discover your purpose

through art, mythology, true history, and the Gospel.