Nobody thought of a yellow sky before.

No one painted red fields.

No one used such distinct lines to indicate one form from another.

And so the work went unsold, unknown, unappreciated.

And Vincent sank further and further into losing himself.

Rather than being trained to recognize and celebrate beauty, we have been trained to be pragmatic and efficient.

The irony is that there is nothing more useful than beauty, nothing more practical than art. Your art is what you were made to create. Your life, your story, is full of beauty that is meant to draw you in to the heart of God, and to draw others into fellowship and communion with God, with you, with all of Creation.

Art is a function of the right side of the brain, the place where independent thought, imagination, and connection to the spiritual resides. It is the pathway to the heart.

We were not made to live out of the left side of the brain. We were made to live from the heart, then the left side functions as a guide into organization and discipline to hone what the heart is leading us to do. One cannot function without the other, and the one is meant to direct the other, as the other makes it possible, brings it to life.

Our educational system has killed the heart.

Polishing Copper Studios is bringing it back to life.

“The Red Vineyards Near Arles”

Vincent van Gogh


Image from Van Gogh Studio