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Polishing Copper Studios creates content to inspire you to be the person you were made to be, and provides original workshops to equip you for the journey.

Artist’s Blog


Your life is a masterpiece.
Learn how to live like it’s true.

Michael O’Donnell

What if everyone is an artist?

What if your life is a work of Art?

What if your dreams and your story mattered more than you’ve been led to believe?

Life is hard. We all start out with dreams and hopes. We all start out seeing the world with wonder and exploring in awe. We all start out creating, making messes, spreading color and leading with our imagination. But things happen to keep us from creating. Every child is an artist, said Picasso. The difficulty is in staying an artist as we grow.

We were made in the Image of God, the ultimate Artist. His first words were words of creation. His first words to mankind were to go and create. When He arrived here among us, He chose to come as a carpenter. All throughout the pages of Scripture He makes Himself known by bringing us back to the things He’s made. Paul tells us that we are the Masterpiece of God, created in Him to do great things.

But we’ve lost touch with this reality. Life has become mostly about surviving, and the things that have happened to us along the years have caused us to withdraw from wonder. They’ve brought us to places of function and reaction, when we were made to imagine and to respond. There is, within each of us, the Heart of the Artist. We catch glimpses of it, here and there. A sunset. A favorite song. The colors we love. The dreams we still hide away.

It’s in the elements of our lives, the parts of our story. We need to rediscover the truth about who we are, and what we were created to do. We need to get back to the place where we see whose Image we bear, and how that translates into life to the full.

Polishing Copper Studios exists to bring you back to the Heart of the Artist.

Copper is an essential element. It’s necessary for life. It brings us heat, light, power, and water. It cannot rust or corrode. In fact, the more copper is exposed to the elements, the more it forms a protection that allows for new colors and unexpected beauty. It is valuable, forming currents as well as currency. It has been used for centuries to improve life on earth.

And it can always be polished to a beautiful shine that catches the light.

Polishing Copper is about taking the elements of life and turning them into something beautiful. It’s about revealing the value that is within, and offering what we make unto God, that He might turn our efforts into gold.

We offer workshops, events, contemplative and creative directives, original words and images to encourage you and equip you to live life to the fullest. The Story Maker’s Journey was developed by Michael O’Donnell to lead participants through the story of their life in order to discover who they were made to be.

Learn your story.
Find your purpose.
Discover the Art within.