This time of year we are focused on all kinds of things. Events, meetings, the kids concerts, parties, shopping, making sure everything is done before we clock out for a few days off. It’s an overwhelming and overstimulating season, as much as it’s one filled with the possibility of joy.
The point of the season is to remember that God became one of us, that He wrapped Himself in the flesh of our flesh and entered in to our reality in a way that had everyone in the heavens in awe on the edge of their seat. God bore our image.

He did it to remind us that we bear His.

I was talking with my students today, leading them through a discussion based on Fahrenheit 451. The book is not about censorship, as most of us were taught. It is, instead, about what happens to us when we take away the stories that matter most. When we dumb down everything because some are offended by something. When we force everyone to be equal, and to guarantee outcomes based on the world we create and the messages we allow. It’s a terrifying proposition. As a class today, we talked about what equality means, and what it should mean. It should not mean that everyone is the same. We came to the conclusion that not everyone should be treated the same. I am not you, and you are not David, and David is not Zion, and she is not Joey. We all have different ways, different needs, different abilities, and different values.

In short, we all have different stories.

Equality means that no one’s story is more important than any other’s. If we recognize that, then we can learn to honor each other’s stories.

Stories are what matter. They are what we have had for all the years of our human existence, the only thing that has lasted through it all. They are the way that we make sense of everything, and they are the way that God has chosen to communicate to us what matters most to Him.

What matters most to Him? You do. And your story is the proof of that – even the darkest parts of your story – it all points to where God is inviting us in to more of Him. He demonstrated that 2000 years ago, when He stepped into the middle of our lives as one of us, and reminded us what it means that we bear His Image.

As the things around you vie for more of your attention, as the to do lists seem to grow and the events keep piling up and the shipping dates keep changing and the plans keep falling through – remember to look for the places where the Image is shining through. He is Emmanuel, and He is still with us. If you’re not sure where to look, pick up a story. Watch a favorite Christmas movie. Look for the things that bring you joy. The elements of every story point the way to His story for you.

That’s what Polishing Copper is all about. Our mission is to connect you to the power of God’s love for you through the power and purpose of your story. It’s written all around you. I hope that this season you can find it even more, and that you can recognize where He is leading you to life to the full.